Grouping of Contact Sensors?

I’m somewhat of a neat freak when it comes to my SmartThings app favorites section and was wondering if there’s a way to group two contact sensors for my living room windows so that way they’ll only take up on spot instead of two. I’m using TrendSetter for groups of switches, but there’s nothing in there to do that for sensors. I’m sure there’s a way to get this done in CoRE or webCoRE using a virtual switch, but I’d prefer them to show up as a contact sensor still.

Yes… Use a Virtual Contact Sensor. … It’s not just “Switches” that can be virtual!

I don’t know if there is an existing SmartApp that will sync your real sensors to the Virtual (like Trend Setter does with Switches…), but it’s easy to write; or use CoRE.

Yeah I noticed that inside webCoRE right after I posted in the forums. Out of curiosity, can you do the same with temperature sensors? I’d like to group the two multi sensors I’m using for these same contact sensors so it’ll show the average of the two together. Here’s what I’ve tried so far…

Yes. Sensors are particularly easy to Virtualize because they don’t have any Commands to respond to.

I don’t know CoRE that well, but this question has been asked before, so it shouldn’t be hard.

But a SmartApp for this is technically actually easier because of how trivial it is.

Do you know of an existing smartapp available?

I’m not a search engine :slight_smile:️. Can’t remember as much as those amazing databases do.

But :mag:? And/or Google?

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I use this to make a lux value that is the average of two lux sensors.
I save the value to a global variable which I then use in several pistons.


The {format(’%.0f part gives you how many decimal places. 0f for none, 1f for one etc.

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