How do I change the state of a Virtual sensor using a virtual Switch?


How do I make a virtual device flip the states of a virtual simulated open/ close sensor

I know of two different ways to do this, but there are probably more, so hopefully other people will chime in as well.

  1. Use webcore. You can ask for help getting this set up in the web core forum. This will give you the most options and will allow you to have a separate virtual switch, if you really want that kind of set up.
  1. use a custom DTH for a virtual contact sensor which also has capability.switch so it will show up in your list of switches and can be turned on and off.

@bjpierron Has already created one of these. You can find it in the thread which discusses the new Amazon routines feature:

I’ve been trying all day without any luck but eventually found this

erocm123 : Virtual / Physical Switch Sync

and this works perfect for what I want, I can now control unsupported devices such as Broadlink etc.

Thanks for the help