Virtual Contact Sensor

(Glen King) #1

I’ve not ever deployed a virtual contact sensor. I’ve used a couple of virtual switches with success.

I’m hoping the process is straightforward. The concept is to have an event reported in sharptools simply change the status of the virtual contact sensor from ‘open’ to ‘closed’ or vice versa, so that the status can be displayed in SmartTiles.

But I’m finding virtually no documentation of it. Anyone ever used a virtual contact sensor?

(Ray) #2

Are you talking about simulated contact sensor? Unless there is something else you are talking about.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #3

You can use the following device type handler for a simulated / virtual contact sensor:

(Glen King) #4

Navat604, yes… sorry about the flawed nomenclature.

Josh, thanks… will check it out

(Ray) #5

No worry, cause they do have it in IDE just thought it was a new interesting switch.

(Glen King) #6

Well. Turned out to be the simplest thing in the world.

Now instead of storing a variable in Tasker, I’m using the simulated contact sensor. Still using sharptools/Tasker to set its state based on conditions, but letting ST keep the memory of that state in the simulated contact sensor.

The one potential weakness: touching the simulated sensor while navigating in ST will change its state.
Think I can live with that though.