Group multiple micro switches

Looking for a way to group/sync together multiple micro switches (DSC18103-ZWUS). I have four sets of lights, each with their own DSC18103-ZWUS, and a normal toggle switch on each. I have automations and such to turn all on or off from a tablet… But I would like the physical toggle switch from one, to activate all. All four of these sets are physically separate and cannot run any wires between. Is there anyway to do this?

@drk this pretty easy to do with the the native app “Smart Lights” under the market place or if you want to get more complicated CORE engine can easily do that. I have some automation set up that connects a bunch of outdoor lights together so if one switch is turned on the others all come on together. The delay is normally less than a second.

ah, you are correct. Thank you. I was focusing on the 18103 being the ‘light’ and not the ‘switch’. Fun stuff!