Group lighting

I have a group of (4) Philips Hue LED color changing strips set up in a group. Is there a way to change the color of the group or do I have to go to each light individually to change colors? Also is there a way to to set schedules for group lights? This should be a simple thing. LOL.

You would think.

Lighting groups showed up in the SmartThings app a year or more ago. I’ve yet to see anything useful that can be done with them.

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Put all four bulbs in a scene. You can set the color for each, as well as run a routine for scheduling.

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So I have done that. But when the scene is running, the only way to change the color is to go into that scene and change each bulb individually. Eventually there will be 15 bulbs in that scene. That is a lot of work each time to change the colors of all those bulbs. There is no way to link them together to change colors of all 4 bulbs at the same time? The only other way I see to do it is to make a bunch of different scenes with the same 4+ bulbs with different color settings.

I know, the group lighting is kinda pointless right now. They need to make some changes.

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Yes, with scenes you would have to define individual scenes for each color and then add the bulbs to it as you go. That can get time consuming.

Conceptually, I think you could do something with webCore (for as long as it lasts) or SharpTools Rule Engine. I would use something, virtual switch maybe, to set a variable to the color you wish the bulbs to change to, and then run the piston/rule where it picks up the color to set the bulbs to from the variable. This way you only have one piston/rule that changes all the bulbs.

Haven’t done this, hence “conceptually”.

If you’ve also integrated with Alexa, it does a much better job with this. Create a room for your lighting group, and then voice commands and routines can set the whole group to a single color.

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