Hue starter smartapp? (Group management)


I’m new to SmartThings and I am in the processes of creating a smart home. Whilst my intention is to automate things using various sensors, this takes time to both buy everything and to learn how to set everything up.

I have linked the Philips Hue hub and the lights to the SmartThungs app but as far as I can tell, the bulbs can only be controlled individually and I am after controlling the lights in the room as a whole - turning them on, dimming the lights and altering the colours. Of cause I can just simply use the Philips Hue app on my phone but I don’t think this helps the SmartThings learning process and I think it would be easy to neglect SmartThings as a consequence and get sidetracked with Hue rather than building a smart home as a whole.

So; is there a SmartThings smartapp that essentially is an integration of the Hue app but in SmartThings?

In your ST app on your tablet/phone, across the top you will see
Click on scenes and you may be able to set something up there. I would help you more but I don’t use them.
Have a look. It might be what you are after. :slight_smile:

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Hi Bob,

I have seen the scenes function but I was after a more basic function than that initially - simply grouping the lights together and turning them on and off together and dimming them together rather than controlling every bulb individually. Essentially much like the basic controls in the Hue app.

I would like to add that if you use Amazon Alexa (and I guess Goggle Home), you have the option to group devices together. For instance, I have dimmers on my living room lamps and grouped the individual devices in Alexa. I can say, “Alexa, dim living room lamps to 50%” and both dim to 50%. I did that for some wall sconces in my basement that use smart lights, too. I also have a group for all my living room lights that include the ceiling fan light and the table lamps so I can say, “Alexa, dim living room lights to 100%” and all come up to 100% or I can even say, “Alexa, turn off living room lights” and everything turns off.

Hi Kirk,

Google Hime is on the shopping list so when I have it, I shall look to group them together. Thanks

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