Change color of Lighting Group

Just wanted to leave a feedback once I didn’t find this feature on the app.

Is it possible to change color of a lighting group?


I hope this gets implemented, was thinking same yesterday.

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There’s a number of things lighting groups can’t do. It would be great to see them more fully featured!


I bought a set of 4 full color bulbs and having to set their colors individually is not “smart” in any way. It’s kind of shocking honestly, I assumed it was possible because of Device Groups.

Depending on exactly what you’re trying to do, you might be able to use a scene which sets the color for each of the bulbs and then use that scene in different automations. But I don’t know if that meets your requirements. I agree that light groups are not very useful as they exist today. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks, I hadn’t used Scenes before and they seem to work well for setting colors for multiple bulbs at once.

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Even google home has this features. So instead of using smartthings, I use google home when I want to control manually.

I found a better way with SmartThings: Pressed the Plus symbol and added the Color Coordinator app which makes it about 90% as simple as it should be.

You define a “primary” light and then assign child lights that will set themselves to the same color as whatever you set the primary one to. It works as it should, though there would be no need for this if they simply added a color selector to device groups.

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Thanks but I don’t want any more google in my life.