Grouping Sylvania LED bulbs

I was wondering if it was possible to group 2 Sylvania bulbs. The bulbs that I have are: Sylvania Osram Lightify Smart Home 65W BR30 White/Color LED Light Bulb. More specifically I have them on a switch over my gaming table. I would like to select a color and have them both changed to that color instead of selecting each one individually. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you in advance

They just added a grouping feature to the SmartThings app. But right now it only does on/off and dim %. Another option is to use one as a master and the other set to mirror it via Smart Lights.

Another option would be to group them in a Alexa routine. Not sure if that is an option for you but it is possible.

It’s an option for maybe some applications, but I really want is if I make a certain tone of red i want the other to match the same hue or dimness. It has a switch so not worried about on off.

An Alexa group can be used turned to on and off and set color and/or brightness. I do this with LED strips I have under my cabinets. If I say Alexa set cabinet lights to red then all the LED strips change.

You can also make routines where you set the lights with one command, Something like “Alexa make it red” It would set the color and brightness to whatever levels you want

That could work thank you for your input!

I use webcore with a simulated bulb. Change the color or brightness of the simulated bulb and have the two real bulbs mirror the simulated one.