How to control Hue Lights in a group?

I finally paired my Hue hub with ST last night. It was extremely easy! The only annoyance is for something like my Dining Room light, with 5 bulbs, I don’t want to have to control each one individually.

Is there a way to have a virtual dimming/color changing switch/bulb that I can control which will then control the 5 lights? Or a way to do a Master/slave setup?

I did create a virtual switch using the On/Off tile which works, however it has no Dimming control. Is it possible to get Dimming control and possibly even color control?!


There are several alternatives. You can try the “Dim with Me” smartapp. There’s also a “hue groups (connect)” smartapp that you can try. I have made a Flexi lighting system you can find here:

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Fantastic! Thanks! I will mess with those when I get home.