SmartThings Icons

(Heath Reed) #1

Hey Guys/Gals,

Is there any way I can change the Icons for my door sensors? I would like for it to display the location name (like garage door, front door) instead of every one saying “Closed”.

Thanks for the help!

(Boris M) #2

You are probably using droid, just like I do. You can create Groups, put your door sensor into its own group, then change an icon on your group and put a name on it.

Alternatively, you can shake your phone, every time you want to figure out what name belongs to what icon, and the name will magically appear for couple of seconds, I am dead serious. Who came up with this crazy idea?

Sometimes I feel very dumb because I do not understand why things are ass backwards….

(Heath Reed) #3

Perfect this is what I needed. Now I have to figure out how to create Groups…

(Boris M) #4

You do it here.

(Heath Reed) #5

This is perfect thank you!

(Heath Reed) #6

Is there a way to update the group color/icon if a sensor inside has been triggered?

(Rob B) #7

I must be blind. I don’t see where to create groups. I see where you can select a group in a drop down for the device but not how to populate that list.

(Rob B) #8

Scratch that.

(Heath Reed) #9

Go there. At the end of the first paragraph it says groups. You can click on it and create a new group.

(Ben Edwards) #10

You can also drag any Thing onto another Thing to create a group. You cannot currently get the ring or other display to change if a Thing inside is triggered. Changing icons for open/close sensors is on or backlog but not planned for yet.

(Gene Kendrick) #11

Never new you could shake phones and see the name of icons in Things. If you could just turn it on all the time instead of shaking it it would make Things much better. I would like names a lot more than silly icons. Then my wife would know which icon to push.

Feature Request: Label on tile "previews" in things view
(Col Hack) #12

This is one fix that has been begged for as far back as last August! Still, we heard no commitment from the devs. I guess they like us looking stupid shaking our iPhones.

(SStozki) #13

I am sure it’s on the “backlog” with everything else.

It would be nice to see what the “backlog” looks like.

Any plans for this being shared…

(Heath Reed) #14

Not only a “backlog” but a goal to implement date on items as well as a forum sticky which requested enhancements from the community, like no shake lables.

(Col Hack) #15

@hreed1985, Are you serious? Let me quote James Stolp, Senior VP, Product & Design and Founder at SmartThings for you:

We are spending a lot of time on the design of the user experience and user interface across Web, mobile and other devices (the Instacube, for instance). I believe it is one of the most important things that we have to get right in order to realize the dream of having SmartThings in as many homes and hands as possible. If it’s not elegant, beautiful and a delight to use, we won’t succeed. So first, I can provide you my personal assurance that we will hold SmartThings to the highest possible standards when it comes to design.

I want everyone that uses SmartThings to feel directly, and even emotionally, connected with their world of places, people, pets and things that SmartThings will bring online.

This was written more than 15 (!) month ago in this thread.

Does shaking your phone make you feel emotionally connected with your “things”? I didn’t think so.

BTW, Mr. Stolp has last been seen lurking in these forums almost a year ago, although he still holds his VP title according to LinkedIn. I suppose he’s just got really busy hammering on new design that’s “elegant, beautiful and a delight to use”. :slight_smile:

(Boris M) #16

Shaking phone to get icon names to come up is crazy. I accidentally found this feature while looking at my android app as a push was coming on. At first I thought I was hallucinating LOL