'Things' panel in app showing more info?

I was wondering if there’s an option to display more information per icon. For example the multi sensor icon can show only one info, and not even the name of the sensor so it’s hard to tell what is what unless you memorize them. Icons are big enough that the sensor should be able to show the name, open/close status, and the temperature at the same time.


More ideally, I hope the future version would have an option of things displayed on a user customizable map so that you can see your things in the context of the house layout. If phone app is too small perhaps tablet app or even a desktop/web interface could use that.

Not ideal, but if you shake your phone, the icons temporarily change to names in the current version.

Running the beta of the new android version on my phone and the new dashboard (which they already have on apple devices) is better organized, though by function (Presence, Doors/Locks,Lights&Switches, Damage&Danger, Motion) and not location in the house. In addition, in the Dashboard section, you are able to name your sensors/switches so it is easier to know which is which. You are still limited though to one thing being displayed on the things page as far as I can tell

Thanks. That shaking tip is interesting :wink: I do name my sensors and switches so shaking tip helps, but it feels like a cute eater egg that is a temporary workaround rather than a permanent solution. I hope they would revise the UI to display a bit more information.

The dashboard UI is in beta for android and is how I think they plan to resolve this. I am personally not a fan of it. it is a little form over function for my taste. it is nice for seeing what has happened through the day, but not very efficient for quickly turning off a light in another room when you have 15 switches.