Halo around group icon when a change is detected

(Ham) #1

I’m loving setting up the hardware and looking forward to the software.

Has anyone requested this type of improvement “halo around group icon tile when a change is detected within that folder”. Harder to track changes as my device list grows

iOS 7.0.3

(Chrisb) #2

What would you use this information for? I’m just curious because unless you had the app open at the time you that the change happened, you won’t really notice anything… and even then only if you were looking at the app.

If you want to know when a light was turned on or an motion sensor fires or a door opens, I’d recommend installing one of the “notify me” SmartApps to either send you a text or push a notification to your phone.

(Ham) #3

You are correct. As I move forward I would probably not have the app opened. I guess I was thinking it would enable me to quickly check other device changes to verify a false motion detect on my “notify me”. Still building trust in the motion sensors

(Craig) #4

I’d like to see the group icon some how show the status of the devices within it. Even if it was square (instead of a circle) and then show small icons the same color as the devices in the group. It wouldn’t be extremely easy to read but at least if you knew the order of the underlying devices you could quickly tell status (i.e. red vs. green for most of my devices).