Groovy IDE Migration questions

Also, if you have WebCoRE integration then that device will no longer show up in WebCoRE. As a consequence of these changes WebCoRE will also be deprecated.

Thanks for the suggestion. However I have no idea how to do this. Can’t I just delete the entire custom DTH and then delete/reinstall my specific Zooz device?

For example here is the first part of the custom DTH for one of the devices. Where would the // be added to the fingerprint lines?

  • Zooz Remote Switch ZEN34 v1.1.1
  • Changelog:
  • 1.1.1 (02/07/2021)
  •  - Added patch workaround to presentation for supportedButtonValues support in Automations.
  • 1.1 (01/10/2021)
  •  - Added new fingerprint
  •  - Changed the way associations are implemented so that it assumes the associations were successfully saved when the device isn't joined with S2 security.
  • 1.0.3 (11/14/2020)
  •  - Fixed wake up interval
  • 1.0.2 (11/11/2020)
  •  - Fixed setting labels
  • 1.0.1 (11/07/2020)
  •  - Fixed issue with SmartThings converting string attributes into dates if they start or end with specific numbers like 34.
  • 1.0 (11/06/2020)
  •  - Initial Release
  • Copyright 2021 Zooz
  • Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
  • you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
  • You may obtain a copy of the License at
  • Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
  • distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
  • WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
  • See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
  • limitations under the License.


import groovy.transform.Field

@Field static Map commandClassVersions = [
0x20: 1, // Basic
0x26: 3, // Switch Multilevel (4)
0x55: 1, // Transport Service
0x59: 1, // AssociationGrpInfo
0x5A: 1, // DeviceResetLocally
0x5B: 1, // CentralScene (3)
0x5E: 2, // ZwaveplusInfo
0x6C: 1, // Supervision
0x70: 2, // Configuration
0x72: 2, // ManufacturerSpecific
0x73: 1, // Powerlevel
0x7A: 2, // Firmware Update Md (3)
0x80: 1, // Battery
0x84: 2, // WakeUp
0x85: 2, // Association
0x86: 1, // Version (2)
0x87: 1, // Indicator
0x8E: 2, // MultiChannelAssociation (3)
0x9F: 1 // Security 2

You can, but if you delete the custom DTH your existing devices that use it no longer work. I was trying to make it easier for you to migrate one at a time. If you only have 1 device OR you don’t mind doing them all at once, go for it.

  • Exclude all devices using the custom driver
  • Delete the custom DTH in the IDE
  • Make sure the new edge driver is installed
  • Include each device, after the first one make sure its using the driver you want it to (in the Driver tab under the hamburger/3 dot menu on the device).

Good luck!

I appreciate your suggestion and would prefer to edit the custom DTH but I don’t understand how to comment out the fingerprint? If I could do this I would do one at a time (5 devices using 3 custom DH).

Thanks so much.

  • In the IDE, go to the My Device Handlers tab
  • Find the device handler, and click the name to go into the editor.
  • Inside the editor, scroll down to the “fingerprint” section. Add two forward slashes (the comment seqence in Groovy) to the front of the line (or lines, depending on how many devices this DTH supports). The IDE should make the line red to indicate that its commented out. Click -Save-. Then click -Publish-, -For Me-. That will save and publish the driver to your cloud. Now your existing devices will continue to work but new devices will no longer find the DTH.

Good luck!


Well thanks to you I finally found the fingerprint line and followed the procedure you provided. I will now remove and delete the device and hopefully, the new Edge drivers will load.

// fingerprint mfr: 0312, prod: 0004, model: F001, deviceJoinName: Zooz Remote Switch
// fingerprint mfr: 027A, prod: 0004, model: F001, deviceJoinName: Zooz Remote Switch
// fingerprint mfr: 027A, prod: 7000, model: F001, deviceJoinName: Zooz Remote Switch
Thanks again.

First one worked perfect! Thanks.

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Once you’re done migrating, remove the old DTH to help clean things up.

  • Click the properties button on the driver.
  • Wait a few seconds for the properties page to appear. It can be slow. Click -Delete- at the bottom of the page.
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I have now migrated all my Zooz devices over to the supplied edge drivers and reinstalled them. They all show “placeholder” in the IDE and in the app they show “driver” now. I have not yet deleted my customized DTH after commenting out the fingerprint but will do this over the weekend. However I noticed in the IDE under devices they are all still showing under execution as “cloud”. Is that correct? I thought they would now be local but really do not understand. Thanks.

That is correct. IDE was designed for groovy and therefore it does not show the Edge devices data so you will basically only see Placeholder and Cloud. It does run locally though

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Thanks. Would not have thought of that because I really don’t see any faster execution of my automations but speed was never an issue with custom DH and cloud. One strange thing though is when I finally deleted all my custom DH in the IDE the affected devices started acting strangely with the automation and I had to reset some of them. I think they are all working ok now but will need to wait and see on some of them.

Which edge driver did you use with the ecolink zwave garage door tilt sensor?

I’m using the smartthings z-wave switch driver and it works well.


In the SmartThings app under drivers it shows z-wave sensor

Seems to work

Is there a way to test the new Edge drivers on a one hub, but not others that are controlling the same device types using the same custom device handler?

Like many others, I’m using RBoy’s Rental Lock Automator that leverages their “Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms” custom device handler across several hubs, using the same Schlage lock model. I see that lock’s fingerprint (003B/634B/504C) is listed in the list of Edge drivers page, but I can’t see how I would test these new Edge drivers on just one of my hubs without removing the custom device handler from my account and impacting the same lock models across all other hubs that are in active use managing guest check in/out user codes.

I’ve seen folks advise commenting out the specific make/model of that lock from my current Groovy device handler, but since I’m using that same make/model of lock across all ST hubs, I’m assuming that would immediately impact all locks using this custom device handler at the same time, which is what I’m specifically trying to avoid so I can logistically manage migrations on a day other than the crazy busy New Year’s Eve holiday.

How are others handling the logistics here?

that method of commenting out the fingerprints has been removed as they continue the process of decommissioning IDE.

Forget it then. I’ll create a whole new ST account, add the hub to that separate account, and test from there with fresh edge drivers. I pity anyone starting in an AirBnB over this holiday.

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Anyone have any thoughts?

I have a new 2.5 Ecolink zwave garage door tilt sensor. I have added it twice to ST and both times it did not add with an edge driver. I have the ST Z-Wave switch driver and ST z-wave sensor driver installed. Anyone have any thoughts why this tilt sensor device will not pair with an Edge driver?


Thank you so much. That worked this time.