How will I know my device has been migrated to an Edge driver?

The “Platform Transition FAQ” info does NOT work for me, what am I missing?

From this link:

It says:

How will I know my device has been migrated to an Edge driver?

There is no published schedule for when particular devices will be migrated, nor will you receive a notification that the migration has occurred.

You can identify whether a device is using an Edge driver in the SmartThings app by following the steps below.

  • Open the SmartThings app and select the device
  • Choose More Options (⋮) at the top right
  • Edge-enabled devices will list Driver as an option

I do not see “More Options” on the app? :slightly_frowning_face:

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When you click on the Device tile and open it, there will be 3 dots in the upper right of that screen. When the device is migrated to an Edge Driver, a new menu item will show - Driver.

If you still do not see the 3 dots, let us know if you are using android or iOS and which version,

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IOS 15.6.1
This is what I see for a Samsung button:

That photo is for Smartthings app ver:

It has not been migrated to an Edge Drver at this point. When it does get the Edge Driver, “Driver” will show in that list.

Back to the 3 dots… it is referred to as “more options” but most just say the 3 dots.

Screenshot for clarity:

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Thanks … I was expecting to the see the words “More Options”. I imagined that if any of my devices had been migrated that the Samsung buttons would have been early in the list.

I don’t believe ST has began migrating existing devices on hubs (unless you’re in the beta). So, unless you want to remove the device and re-add it, it won’t be on an Edge driver until ST starts the migration. I have taken removed and re-added a couple of my ST buttons, so it will use that “by default” if it’s a new added device.

As opposed to what?

Is there an image that shows what this looks like?

Looking at a couple of devices I have, I don’t get the stuff at the bottom but a pop-up window with “Edit”, “Setting” and “Information”.

Now some devices don’t have a settings option in the menu, but I have looked at about a dozen devices, including Smartthings devices, and NONE show the word “Edge” anywhere.

Like this.

You can also go to your hub’s device page and it will be able to show you all drivers installed on it.

Also worth pointing out that ST has not started migrating devices to Edge Drivers for users outside the Beta group. Only devices that are added and have an Edge Driver available in Production or installing Community Edge Drivers will see them at the moment.

Is that another hamburger menu item?

Or listed below?

I’m seeing I’m connected, secure mode off, allow update…
Then all my devices grouped by room.
Zigbee and Z-wave logos at the bottom.

If no Edge Deivers are installed on your hub, the Driver section will not appear in that menu. Once you have edge drivers, “Drive” will appear in the menu list under the 3 dots.

Well that explains alot.

I just got wind of this today, from a chance viewing of an ActionTiles post on fakebook.

All this has caught me VERY FLAT FOOTED! and I have a ton of questions that I know from experience are not going to be answered and I will have to find out the hard way.

FYI - I have over 50 WebCore automations that are going to now fall flat. Not too happy about that. Especially with no lead time to figure anything out and they have been working for, in some cases, for 5 years without a problem.

I’m not a developer and have a real job so 100 days to get all my affairs in order, including replacing unsupported hardware is not a whole lot of time.

Start with this thread if you have not seen it yet:

With webcore, if you have any complex pistons that you don’t believe will work in Routines… you may want to check out SharpTools Rules Engine

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I have not heard of that. Is that the replacement for WebCore?

Not a replacement. It is a 3rd party option for you to consider. It may not be free depending on your needs so consider all your options

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Another question; is this going to work after the transition? Are they a partner with Samsung?

I already am using ActionTiles (big fan of that by the way) and they appear to be scrambling to get updated.

I am willing to take a wait and see attitude but setting up someplace just to do it all again, and then again-again, is not something I’m going to do.

SharpTools is ready. They have been beta testing and have started or about ready to start migrating users over to the new integration.

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