Great Article on Home Automation (and its troubles)

I see a lot of frustrations and varying degrees of praise and complaints of ST. While I personally love ST (its like a marriage, right, its bumpy sometimes), I feel like at times perspective is helpful. I see others trying to remind folks of the same things…so I offer this article as rather humorous, and to point out the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. ST peeps, let’s ride out through Hub2 and see if they can turn the corner…because our original bets on ST still is the smartest play.


From the article:

That explains everything.


good read, makes it seem a paradise over here…

And here is an article to make you laugh a bit (at least for the technical people out there)

This guy’s light bulb performed a DoS attack on his entire smart house


I mentioned on a thread somewhere that reviews for almost all wink connected products have at least one review that says “doesn’t work with wink”. For the most part my ST experience has been pain free. I also noted that he didn’t say anything about a community to help. I’d say that’s one of the main things that sets ST apart from other platforms.

100% agreed. ST would be in the toilet without our community.