Short I get a SmartThings hub instead of persisting with my ZipaBox

I have a Zipabox running a few lights but to be honest the interface can be a bit annoying and it isn’t the best for compatibility ( I have a few things I was going to use that it doesn’t like). I see the Smarththings kit is still showing on Curry’s and I wonder if it might be a better way to progress as it has better compatibility and I’m about to fit out the extension and was wondering what I might do.

Thanks in adavance for any advice.

Every system has pluses and minuses. It really depends on what you’re unhappy with regarding the zipabox and then whether smartthings has a different set of minuses or the same ones. Different people are going to like different systems, just because they have different circumstances and priorities.

The following discussion might be of interest (this is a clickable link)

Yes! I am clearly biased, but I am also the worst kind of fanboy-employee :slight_smile:

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