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I would like to set up a crude security system with Smartthings. I am not worried about having it professionally monitored because I have close neighbors that could hear a siren go off. The only thing I worry about is not being able to arm/disarm the system if the internet is down. Will Smarttiles running on a tablet arm and disarm the system if the internet is down? In other words, will it run locally on the hub or does it have to go through the cloud?


Thanks Robin. I thought that was the answer, but I wanted to confirm. I was hoping that since the hub and the tablet were on the same network, they could communicate locally.

Nothing runs locally. Or almost nothing anyways. I am pretty sure that the changing of modes from away to home runs through cloud regardless of how it is armed/disarmed. On the bright side if internet is down chances are alarm won’t go off anyways LOL

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It would be technically possible, but it’s not the way SmartThings is designed. Even the mobile app on your phone will not be able to talk to the hub unless the SmartThings cloud is available. the official mobile app goes to the cloud, not directly to the hub.

The same thing is true of SmartTiles.

As @RLDreams mentioned, modes are kept in the cloud. So are the smart home monitor armed states. There is literally no way to arm/disarm the system except via the SmartThings cloud. So if you don’t have Internet access, the system just stays in whatever armed state it was last in. Same with mode.

Support can confirm this if necessary. But you can see it yourself, just unplug your Internet router. Your mobile app will think that it has disarmed the system, but the hub won’t know that it did.

Is anyone else having trouble with images in ST? 3 of my 4 tablets have a big image from one camera and the angry cloud. It seems to have broken last week when Chrome updated to 4.2.

We think this wss triggered by a sudden problem with standard JQuery resources the SmartApp loads, even though we made no changes. It affected the Launcher, but we host that and were able to put in a workaround.

Try clearing your browser caches and rebooting.

We’d like to also put the same workaround attempt into the SmartTiles v5.8 SmartApp, but with the holidays, I’m pretty sure SmartThings won’t be able to publish it for at least 4 weeks.

Please email: and watch for a new main Topic on this issue here or on our News page.

Clearing the cache worked. Thanks.

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Question on SmartTiles, is there anyway to have SmartTiles launch another app on my ipad? I can’t find anyway to do it but thought I’d ask.

You can use a Shortcut/Web Link URL Tile for Apps that have registered intents…

e.g. pandora://