Govee Released Matter Capable Smart Plugs

I have to admit, I haven’t done much with the Matter integration yet but I’ve added some Govee devices (Thermostats, heater, etc.) they sent me an email saying they released a Pro version of their smart plug that’s Matter compatible. It doesn’t state SmartThings in the text, but if you click on the photos, there’s one that shows other Eco systems and it shows SmartThings. 4-pack for $26. Is this integration a sign of good things to come?

Any thoughts?

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If it’s matter-compatible, it should work with SmartThings as long as you have a device which is a matter controller for the SmartThings platform. That includes the standalone hubs and some of the built-ins.

Matter-compatible devices will have a matter logo, but they won’t have a “works with SmartThings“ logo, unless they also went through the separate SmartThings certification program. Which they don’t need to do.

See the following:

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

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Thanks for posting the FAQ

So in conclusion,
If it’s Matter certified - it doesn’t matter if ST or Govee states anything, it should work. (some features could be limited)

It would be cool if they keep releasing more Matter products and this becomes a source for motion sensors, switches, etc.

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Yes, exactly. :sunglasses:

I also give Samsung credit on this one: SmartThings and Apple have been head of the pack in terms of implementing matter support among the big platforms as far as bringing third-party matter-certified devices into their accounts.

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But as you pointed out, some devices get just basic device capabilities out of the stock ST Matter drivers. For example, the THIRDREALITY Smart Nightlight has on/off, dimmer level, color/temp levels, motion sensor, and lux sensor capabilities. The stock ST driver only supported the on/off, dimmer, and color capabilities. To get the rest, it requires the vendor’s custom Matter driver.

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$26+shipping for a 4 pack is a pretty dang good price. Its hard to tell from the listing if they can be double stacked or not. Hopefully that round shape doesn’t mean it blocks the other outlet.

They showed a lot of V2 versions of existing products at CES that are coming out this year that add Matter support. THe neon rope light v2 came out last month and has matter support where v1 did not.

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From the site. Looks like it doesn’t block the other outlet, but they might not stack.

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