Google's Android P

By the time they get P rolled out just maybe. . . .just maybe. . . they will have nailed down Oreo presence. I am on Oreo and its been fine but there were a lot of complaints early on and no one seems to be coming back sayings its fixed.

P?!? HTC hasn’t even pushed me Oreo yet. :rage:

Samsung is not better. Still waiting on my Note 8…

I wish presence worked well on Oreo for my wife and me…

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I’m on 8.1 on the Pixel2 XL and it works really well. On her Note8 running nugat we’ve had issues in the past where I deleted it and readded it and phone location seems to working well now.

That’s shocking because it works for shite on both my wife and my Pixel 2s. 25% of the time it’s okay, and the other 75% of the time, it registers a few minutes after we get home.

They changed location services in Oreo so that apps couldn’t hog location data, and therefore battery, so it’s confusing to me how it could be working without issue for ya.

Whatever it is, don’t touch anything! LOL

Too late ha, I’ve had to resize the zones a few times and delete readd. The only issue I have now is my wife’s doesn’t register until the garage opens. I may need to expand her zone. I will say though is ST is set to “not save power” in the android battery optimize sections on both phones. And, the phones are “charging” in the cars as we approach the house. We both also have the classic ST app and the new ST app (connect app) on our phones.

My S8 got upgraded to Oreo and my presence response time has gone to the pits. I’ve tried expanding zones but have not seen any improvement. I have also done the battery optimization stuff to get ST out of the managed apps.


Just as a datapoint, I updated my Pixel 2 XL to the P beta today and the app still works, so I guess that’s a good thing :slight_smile:


Mine (PIXEL XL2) did not load my home location ‘things’ tab, but did load everything on my other locations. I tried logging out of the app and clearing the app cache, reinstalling the app, and logging back in. Nothing worked. 24 hours later, it’s working properly.

BTW this Android P build is really stable compared to the dev preview from Oreo. Loving the new nav and such.

I am on Android P with Pixel 2 XL and it seems to be working fine except for my front door lock. It shows fine in Things but not in the smart home monitor, it says unknown.

Which device handler do you have assigned to the lock?

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