Android 2.1.6 is out!

Ok, so the new Android update is out, what gives? Is this the major release some people were talking about or just adds support for upcoming Arlo integration?

Major release on the way will carry 2.2.x version


Can’t imagine a …x release being anything major. Guessing it has been made ready for more Samsung offerings.

Bring it on! We cannot wait :smile:

I can tell you one thing that was not added was split-screen support for Android 7. Still no bundled notifications either (oh wait, that’s two things).

Status so far updates instantly on the one light I tested just now.

I’m always excited to see news of new updates, but at the same time I dread dealing with the aftermath of bugs.
Why have none of the developers like (like myself, @RBoy, @ady624) who have had issues with the client updates in the past been brought in to help test before release?

Will ST ever learn from the past mistakes?


I’ve reported an issue with images and tiles with android. Hope it’ll be fixed before the next release

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I try to stay hopeful. Try still haven’t fixed the input states. From changing to Blue/Red. Everything is just gray

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Would be good to hear about this, especially since that Google implemented Alpha & Beta rollouts via the Play Store for those who opt!

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Another bug with the ST Android app, @slagle I’ve submitted a ticket no 250679, here is the issue:

There is a bug in the ST Android app version 2.1.6, if a Device Handler input preferences uses a input type decimal with a range specified the ST Android App throws an error while trying to open the preferences page. The following code works fine on the iOS app device preferences but throws an error with the Android app:

input “tempSensitivity”, “decimal”, title: “Temperature Sensitivity”, displayDuringSetup: false, range: “0.1…5.0”

This bug is ALSO for SmartApps and not just devices, this doesn’t work on Android but works on iOS. Looks like the range parameter for decimal input is overall broken on Android:

        input "threshold", "decimal", title: "Temperature swing (precision)", defaultValue: "1.0", required: true, range: "0.5..5.0"
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@Jim who’s the mobile product mgr these days, it used to be Daniel but I see he’s no longer there.

I can pass on a message, is there anything other than the broken range input on 2.1.6 you’d like to communicate?

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Yes Jim, 2 more UI bugs that affect Android but work on iOS

  1. When using a valueTile with an inactive label and background colors, the icons don’t show up
  2. Value Tile does not show up (goes missing) in a specific layout.

If you can send me your email I’ll forward you the emails to support with the sample code to replicate both the issues above.

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What about Windows phone? We haven’t even made it past I’d love to see the iOS version ported to Windows phone via Project Islandwood. At least we’d get some of the missing features.

Build the Windows app you already wrote

The Windows Bridge for iOS is a Microsoft open-source project that provides an Objective-C development environment for Visual Studio and support for iOS APIs.

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Hi @Jim just checking on this, critically the Dynamic HREF bug, hope it’ll be fixed in the next release. We’re working on building a better user experience for some of our apps but it’ll require heavy dependence on HREF and would like to ensure that the Android product dev team is aware of the issue. It was fixed not sure why it regressed. Thanks

Just got a notification that version 2.2.0 will be out on Sept 15th. Any chance these bugs will be fixed before that release?