Did the android app just get updates?

What is the most current release version?

Yup… 1.6.5.

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Release notes if at all possible?

Here’s the main points.

  • Eliminated some causes of Mobile Presence false exit events.
  • Fixed bug wherein mobile presence auto-created during location creation did not show up in dashboard right away.
  • Add date separator to activity feeds. Previously only the date was shown…
  • Support of larger photo display.
  • Fixes/enhancements to SmartSetup search
  • Fixes to activity feed: Fixed a bug causing icons to occasionally show the wrong state, and fixed a couple blemishes showing up on the feed icons.
  • Fixed crashes related to the app being backgrounded.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and minor UI improvements.

Thanks Tyler…

But seriously, when is someone going to FIX the android photo persistent storage so the camera functionality saves previous images like iOS does?

How hard is this really? It’s just a list of previous images to load?

The feature is there for all photos taken in the thing, but close the thing out, no more access to the photos, WTF?

I want to be able to trigger photos on my cameras via a motion or other action and be able to browse the photos.

This shouldn’t be too hard to display the last X images. They are already there!

Thanks, @Tyler. Unfortunate that this does not address the notification sound issue that was introduced in the previous version.

@pstuart I’ll check on that for you.

@scottinpollock That’s being worked on right now for the next update. We’re moving to quicker release cycles so it should be very soon. I’ve been especially noisy about that issue as I feel your pain there.

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I see what you did there… Very punny… being noisy about a notification sound issue. Punny, very Punny indeed.

Uhh… yeah… that was totally intentional :stuck_out_tongue:

And we still have those navigation issues with Android. When you click Things from a device it takes you all the way back to the dashboard etc.

So you’re saying when you go to the Things page, click the gear on a device tile, then click the upper left “Up” button it takes you back to the Dashboard? That’s working as intended, but I can see how that’s confusing. Where it says “Things” is actually the name of the page you’re on right now. The “up” button, which is the button in the top left hand corner, will always take you back to the Dashboard no matter how far into a menu or screen you are.

There’s some information about the “up” button here:

I don’t believe we’re following best practice (per that doc) at this time. I brought the issue to the attention of our developers a week or so ago and they’re going to take another look it.

Exactly, this doesn’t follow the Android design patterns.

This should always take you back to the page you launched, unless you want it to be a swipe from left menu, ie the Dashboard view.

A sub page off a main menu, ie, Things should take you to the Page of Things…

Since the UI shows a < and not the 3 line menu, tapping it should take you back to dashboard…

However, if you click on a thing in the things page, it doesn’t really take you to another page, it just changes the view of the “Things” page to a “Thing” view.

The user experience is that they are now on a thing page, not things page, and thus the “<” should take them back to the “Things” page, not the dashboard.


create a UI element to close the “Thing” view and return to the “Things” view.

Just my two cents…

I agree. Part of my talk with the Android team was reviewing how several Google apps (and some others) handle it. We’re working on it.

This was discussed in the other thread linked below. And in a email to support which I though indicated improvements coming in the previous Android app update. So I was expecting it soon. I’m dealing with it. Just makes the experience more painful than it needs to be.


I had a talk this morning about the camera issue. It’s being moved up the calendar for an overdue fix.

The new version still doesn’t fix the mobile presense issue. There are 3 phones connected to mine and two of them are mine and are both with me at all times. My wife comes home and instead of her phone, mine shows up as returned home.

Mobile presence issues are very dynamic. Email us at support@smartthings.com and we’ll try and figure out what’s causing your mobile presence to act up.

Thanks Tyler. As was discussed earlier, my issue is actually on IOS. I don’t let my Android be the presence sensor.

Oh sorry :frowning: This thread was about Android so I confused myself. 1.6.5 is coming to iOS this week (or whenever Apple approves it).

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