Google have enabled Google home features from the pixel assistant and it works in the uk

Just saw this on Reddit. Went to my pixel assistant settings and sure enough there is a Google home option. Linked it to smart things and within 3 mins I was able to contol my whole house by voice. Haven’t been this excited in ages!

If your in the UK and have a pixel this is rolling out as of now. This will also hopefully mean the android wear 2 update that’s rolling out with the new assistant will also work if you have an android wear watch.

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I have my language set to us English which may make a difference to weather the option shows up.

I hope they release Google Assistant for my S7 Edge

I think the plan is to release it to a lot of devices right back to some older android versions.

I think they are making a feature on the pixels for a while, then new devices that come out, then they will back date it. As i said above, they are rolling out to all android wear 2.0 devices. and every android watch ever released is getting that update except for three specific ones that cant run it.

so there is hope yet

Once the S7 Edge gets Nougat (I think there’s a rollout in progress, but my S7E hasn’t got it yet) then you can “persuade” Google Assistant onto it by editing some files in your build.prop - but you’ll either need an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery (which will wipe your device when you unlock it), or you’ll need to be rooted.

Google haven’t said that any devices other than Pixels will get Google Assistant officially, it’s the USP for their phones after all so they’re in no hurry to share.

This is great news. So glad I’m getting a Pixel XL coming Wednesday :slight_smile: