Temperature reverting to C

In the new app all my sensors temperature keeps reverting to C no matter how many times I set to F. I have reset them all back to F about 5 times each. Is there something I can check? Just started happening today I think.


Mines as well. I don’t know why mines started off with C instead of F since I am in a region (US) that’s F. I’m sure I have over 40 temp sensors. I just don’t have time for all of these issues.

There’s a setting for temperature scale on the location tab of the IDE. What’s that set to?

F and hasn’t been changed since Feb 2016.

I’ve had trouble with DTHs that don’t explicitly pass unit=F when they send an event. Something else to check.

Thanks. Using the default Samsung sensors and DTH so this would be impacting a whole bunch of people. I’m guessing something else must be happening. My hub was showing Disconnected in the IDE so I decided to pull batteries and reboot. Will give it a few minutes before checking again. If it is still reverting to C in the morning I’ll contact support.

I just noticed the same with my Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor. Changed the setting from C to F, but it reverts when I close/reopen the sensor data. History still shows in degrees F. Something is wonky.

So you’re setting it to F with the little gear icon on the temperature section in the detail view of each device, right? If so, I’m seeing this behavior too (but I’m stuck on F so no harm).

What I’m seeing is that if it’s just a temperature (no humidity) the setting sticks on the detail when I exit and come back but doesn’t effect the dashboard. For DTHs with a combo temp/humidity slider, it reverts to F (I don’t have any of those that show temp on the dashboard to say how that’s effected).

Maybe try switching to C in the IDE and see what happens in the new app, then switch back to F?

So… not just the Samsung sensors and DTH.
Thanks for replying and letting me know it is not just my app or configuration.

Same issue here with Samsung water sensors. Change to F and reverts back to C.

And now I’ve joined your ranks. All of my sensors that report temperature separately from humidity are showing C. Note to self: don’t play around with settings.

I’ve submitted a support request - #1016861

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Mine show F on the tiles and C when I open them.
Simple Device Viewer shows them in F.

Same with mine. I also have some custom dth temperature things and I know its passing F with the temperature updates but still see C when I open the sensor to the details page

Same here!

Me too. Ecobee sensor, so impacts the cloud integrations, too.

I think it’s a problem in the UI, not tied to any single DTH. Behavior is consistent across all of my devices, just different depending on whether the slider is temperature only or a combo temp/humidity slider.

If support tells you to uninstall/reinstall the app, don’t bother. I went ahead and bit the bullet on that one. It shows F the first time you look at a device after reinstalling, but then starts showing C every time after.

I just noticed that many sensors and a couple other devices I have that report temperature have started using the C scale instead of F, which is what my Location’s scale is set to be. Anyone else experiencing this?

This just started happening, but I don’t know exactly when. I know I should email support, but as it always happens with emailing support, I don’t want to wait a few days only to be told to reinstall the app, remove and rejoin a device, and/or eventually reset my hub…

What’s odd is that the DTH the device is using doesn’t matter, and on the main tile in the new app’s dashboard the scale is correct. It’s only when looking at the detail view of the device that you see the wrong scale. The Classic app uses the correct scale, of course.

Here’s an example of a sensor using ST’s stock SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor DTH:

Wonderful new app:

Location Scale:

Device states in the IDE:

The working Classic App:

Example of the Dashboard tile showing the right scale, but the detail view doesn’t:


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Experiencing the same issue.