Google home "sorry i couldn't reach smartthings"

Just let night google home started to say “sorry I couldn’t reach SmartThings” when I try to get it to activate scenes within SmartThings but it can still control individual devices.

Has anyone had this issue or know the solution?


Weirdly all the scenes work for my wife and if I speak in a high pitched voice google thinks I am my wife and the scenes work.

I had to go to the Google Assistant and reassign each scene to a room to resolve this.

I started having this problem the other day too, so something definitely changed. Thanks for the tip to add scenes to rooms – I’ll give that a try.

How did you assign a scene to a room with Google Assistant? I only see devices.

Nevermind, I found it buried under Home Control in the assistant settings – not Google Home where I was looking earlier. Seems really broken that the Goodnight routine that affects my entire house has to be mapped to a single room, but whatever.

Totally agree and I have no idea what happened causing this. What is even more odd is my wife didn’t have the same problem.

Had you added any new devices to your set up prior to the scenes stopping working?

No, it has been at least a month since I added a new device.