Viewing Google Home devices to Smartthings

Hi all,
I have connected to Google Home from Smartthings as a linked service. But i cannot see my GH devices in ST. but i can see ST devices in GH. Is this the way it was designed to work or am i missing something. Thanks :blush:

That is the way it is designed to work.

ST devices are exposed to Google. Google devices are not exposed to ST.

To be clear you mean something like you have a Nest Doorbell that is registered to Home and a few Aqara sensors that are registered to SmartThings.

You have Home and ST linked as a service.

Within Home you can see the Doorbell and Aqara sensors while in ST you can only see the Aqara sensors and not the doorbell?

I have TP Link KE100 TRVs that only work with GH, and not ST.

I like the Routines that ST has in their app, therefore i want to create more but using the KE100 as recognized devices in ST.

Is there any workaround for this for them to show in ST?

I think the best you can do is a partial integration by create virtual switches (VS) in ST.

Use the virtual switches in GH routines to control the TRVs. Such as VS on open TRV and VS off close TRV

And in ST you can use ST routines to operate the virtual switches.

This also works with devices in ST’s that don’t/won’t get picked up by Google Home. I just replaced my Nest X Yale locks with Yale Assure 2 locks so that they would be directly controlled in ST’s. GH refuses to bring these across as they are considered security devices. I added a few virtual switches to ST’s and pass the on/off back and forth to correlate to open/close states. I use the TAustin virtual switches and originally setup them up as locks, GH also refused to pick those up from ST’s as well, even as virtual switches, so I had to just make them plain “switches”. Works great otherwise, let’s me still use my goodnight routine in Google to lock the doors even though Google doesn’t see the locks directly.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
Yeah i have it setup that way but using a WiFi channel switch to trigger GH to turn on or off the trvs. I was hoping to just use one app to control it all :cry:.