Google Home - slow responses - about 5 seconds vs Alexa 1-2 seconds

Google Home is slower to respond vs Alexa.

Turning on a light times
Alexa 2 secs
GH . 4-5 secs

This extra lag is very unnatural and makes using the devices unpleasant.
I have a mix of Google Home, Minis, and Insignia devices. They all suffer from this lag.
I’ve turned off Continuous Conversation hoping this was the issue but it’s still slow.

Rebooting doesn’t make a difference.

The GH and Alexa are right next to each other and a few are within a few feet of the WiFi AP.

Any ideas?

What are you asking it to do?

For me, direct lights requests take 2-3 seconds. Scenes, ST routines and Google routines will take considerable longer. Probably in the 4-5 second or longer range.

I’m asking it to turn on a light.
I’ve tried multiple lights and all are listed as Local (vs Cloud)

Alexa is always faster

How fast is it if you ask GH for the weather?

Mine takes about 3 seconds and Alexa is about 1-2 seconds.

GH seems to be slower for everything which just adds to the extra delay when controlling lights

I just asked it to pause the TV. All cloud, Google to Harmony servers to my Harmony hub, about a second or two. Weather is instantaneous. No noticable delay.

BTW, when using Google everything is cloud based. I don’t believe whether you lights are cloud or local (mine are all cloud BTW, I’m on a V1 hub) it’s going to make any difference.

You could try rebooting your router and modem.

I’ve done all the usual steps. It’s actually been slower for quite a while.
I’ve posted help requests on reddit in the Google groups and I’ve also asked on Google forums but their responses are always less than helpful.

Is it just slow with ST or is it slow when you ask for the weather too?

If it just ST, you could unlink and relink ST but that will involve a bit of work setting Google home app back up.

Otherwise, and I’m sure you tried this, you could reset the Google home and redo it. Maybe unlink it from your Google account first.

These suggestions would result in a bit of work. It’s not something I would personally do in a whim.

Maybe someone else will have some additional insights. There are some very knowledgeable people on this forum.