Google Home Speed VS Echo Speed Differences

Anyone else notice that when giving Commands to control devices that Echo is much faster? I moved my Echo to my main room because of the speed differences. Both same WIFI band and both excellent strength before anyone asks haha.

Anyway to improve the Google Home response times?

This has been previously reported and is driven by Googles implementation, nothing st can do about it.


Thanks for the info. Im not sure if the others notice but its VERY noticeable in my house. Echo is dam near instant turning things on and off while google has about a 3-5 second delay.

I have not seen this to this extreme. Sometimes it’s slow but so is alexa. But most times it’s off before it starts or finishes saying it’s response.

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This to, The response is always after the action. I dont mind this so much as the longer delays. Hoping things improve.

I’m seeing the opposite. Responses from GH are usually faster than Echo for me.

That’s what I was trying to relay.

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There’s a cloud factor for each because each does the voice processing in their own cloud.

This cloud factor will vary from house to house, just as IFTTT lag does. So different people may see different cloud impacts for each of the devices.

There’s nothing you can do about this except ask support for the slow device why it is slower than the other one. :wink:


Figured this. The farther you are from the cloud the slower the closer the faster. Some might be closer to Amazon some Google some may be about the same to both.

I was thinking that Google was possibly doing more analytics or something that is slowing down the responses.