Google home routine cannot disarm via smartthings routine


I just found out that when having a routine in Smartthings that include “disarmed” for smart home monitoring, this works when used directly via the Smartthings app. It does not work when this routine is called via a Google Home routine. In a Google home routine you can change the scene, which is effectively linked to a Smartthings routine.

If found that if you arm (stay or away) the smart monitor, it works also via a Google home routine, so it’s just when you want to disarm via Google home that it’s ignored. Everything else as defined in the Smartthings routine works correctly (lights on etc) when called via a Google home routine.

Anyone has an idea? Or do I call this in at Samsung as a bug (and where can I do this)?


It’s not a bug. For security reasons google will not run routines that unlock a door, open a garage door, or disarm a security system. If you look in the smartapp that is used to specify what devices (and if routines) are visible to the Google Assistant you will see this disclaimer spelled out.

You may be able to get around this by activating a virtual switch which in turn you could use to disarm your security system. Just keep in mind, if you do this, someone could theoretically disarm your system by yelling through the window of the house.

There are probably other ways around this too, but the virtual switch was the first thing that came to mind.


Hi oldcomputerwiz,

I appreciate your response.

That makes sense, and I now understand why it does not work. I’ll have to redefine if I would like to do this or not. I’m not a big believer of yelling through the window to disarm my system, however understand the risk.

Perhaps a keypad next to my door is a safer option.

Does anyone know a good keypad that is reliable in the EU (frequency EU) and works with ST?



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