Duplicate Google Home and Hue Controls, Ecobee


I am avoiding adding Phillips Hue integration to SmartThings because I predominately use Google Home to control my house and it is linked directly to Phillips Hue.

My question is this the best setup? The two alternatives are to unlink Phillips from Google and link it to SmartThings or to have it linked to both and have duplicate devices.

The same holds true for Ecobee and really any other service.

Should they all only be connected to SmartThings, Google or both?


In the google smartapp in ST, under Device Authorization, you can disable allow google assistant to access all devices, scenes and routines. Then you can select which devices you want google to access.


Yes, this would remove duplicates and thank you for the suggestion.

It feels like having Google directly control is better than going through SmartThings.

Combining your suggestion I would link everything to both but not allow Google authorization to the duplicate devices?

This makes sense.

A related question.

SmartThings scenes, do they operate more efficiently than sending a command to each individual device or is it essentially the same thing?

Like I want all lights off but the ones with Hue bulbs and for those bulbs to turn red. A SmartThings scene feels better than having Google flip all the switches and then activate a Phillips scenes.

Where can I find this option? Now I’m fighting with duplicated devices…

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