Google home now supports multiple users

Can even distinguish your voice to know who’s talking.


I’d love to know how this will fit into ST. Will each Google user account on the Home need to be authenticated to ST or will it be a global authentication for everyone?

Still waiting to get my updated Home app to find out.

When I added my multiple accounts it didn’t go perfect. I chatted with Goggle tech support and they ended up having me unlink both google accounts and starting over to have it fixed.

The first account that you train to use your voice and gets attached becomes the PRIMARY account of the multiple users. The PRIMARY has some different privileges that I am not sure exactly what is but the tech asked me to make sure the first voice account setup becomes the primary.

My ST account seemed to stay attached to both new linked multiple user Google Home accounts but I had to re-link my TV to one of the accounts again.

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OK, I just tried to help by doing a simple reset on my spare H801

I am unable to reconnect my H801 back to my WiFi. It is acting like my credentials that are being saved must be invalid BUT I am not convinced the H801 is saving any credentials because I am always seeing the access point espRGBW.macaddress return in my WiFi settings so basically I get a fail to connect.

I have reset this same H801 controller multiple times for testing in the past and this is the first time it has done this.

So just to try something different when I get to the H801 screen to select Scan, NoScan, Info, Reset I went ahead and tried a Reset

I am wondering did something change in the last firmware update affecting this?