GOOGLE Home not working

I have found that GH does not like special characters like ’

Also don’t use room name in nickname. So call it main light. It you say turn off Living room lights then all things with light in name will turned off. Works for setting level of living room lights. I also found that the word lamp is treated like a light.

So now I have nickname fan light in the living room and nickname fan light in master bedroom and it works. But you have to tell GH turn on fan light in living room or turn on Living room fan light. Same with Master bedroom. It the nickname is the same you have to add the room name to your GH verbal command.

I’m still learning, but this is what I have noticed.


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I have Google home and ST and both work fine, but like a lot of people here they don’t want to interact with each other. It’s very frustrating, I’ll say “hey Google, turn off the living room lights” and before I had the issue she would do it straight away, however now she says the same response but nothing happens…

I have given permissions to both so there is no problem there, I just can’t figure out what else the problem could be. Any ideas would be much appreciated!!