Google Home keeps saying Sorry, I couldn't reach Philips Hue

Until last week, my setup was several Philips and non-Philips bulbs, two Philips Hue Dimmers and two Sonoff switches. Everything connected to Philips Hue Bridge. And Philips Hue Bridge was connected to my Google Home. I could control my lights and switches just fine.

When I bought Aeotec hub last week, I connected my Philips Hue Bridge to Aeotec Hub (Philips Hue with SmartThings Hub option - as I understand it, locally) and connected the Aeotec hub through SmartThings connection to Google Home, removing the Philips Hue connection altogether. Controlling of the bulbs worked but after each command, Google Assistant was saying “Sorry, I couldn’t reach Philips Hue”. So I decided to try again. Removed all connections from Google Assistant, removing all devices, even reset my Google Assistant. Then in Philips Hue app I launched a function “Clean up” to remove all routines, scenes and config, just leaving the paired devices. And I paired the hub again to my Google Home.

But the problem keeps happening. After each command (such as Turn off the lights), Google Assistant proceeds successfully with the command, but says “Sorry, I couldn’t reach Philips Hue” or “Sorry it looks like Philips Hue is unavailable right now.” I don’t understand it. Google Home shouldn’t have any idea about anything about Philips Hue because it’s removed and I have it connected to SmartThings only.

Anyone solved anything similar? Do you know what else I could do about it? It works but it’s pretty annoying to hear this every time you make a command.

For those, trying to solve a similar mystery. I found out that this announcement is said only when SONOFF switches ZBMINI that are connected to my Philips Hue Bridge are involved. So Google Assistant is complaining for example when I say:

  • Turn on the lights
  • Turn off the lights
  • Turn on the kitchen lights (where the SONOFF switches are used)

But NOT when I say:

  • Turn on the dining light
  • Turn off the sofa lamp etc.

At first I thought it would be easy. I can just connect those SONOFF switches directly to ST hub but then I realized that I’m controlling these lights through Philips Hue Dimmer and the dimmer doesn’t work directly with ST so I’d lost ability to control the lights connected to SONOFF switches :frowning:

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I believe I might have a similar(?) issue? In short, Google Home will allow ME to control things connected through ST but not my WIFE or DAUGHTER to do so. I thought it was just a profiles issue, but AFAIK their profiles are on and working. So I have 2 lights in my kitchen: 1 direct through GH and one connected to GH through ST. I can control them both by saying “Hey Google, turn off the lights (via the kitchen mini)” and they both turn off. When they say it (same mini) it turns off the GH light and says “Sorry, ST isn’t available” when it clearly is.