SmartThings devices not showing up in Google Home

I have a Yale Smart lock with a green z wave controller in it and it is not pulling up in my Google home app when I link SmartThings and Google home. Also my Google speakers are not showing up in my SmartThings app. Any ideas?

If I remember correctly… Google Home can control light bulbs, plugs, on/off switches, dimmers, and thermostats from ST. Others will explain using virtual switches and Routines between the two systems. :slight_smile:

The integration is one way → from ST to Google. Google speakers would not be exposed to ST. Unsure what Matter will bring to the table at some point.

A community developer has been working on an Edge driver for Chromecast so you can check it out:

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Create a virtual switch in ST and bind it to the lock. Probably it makes sense to link only the lock feature, sometimes Google can “ok 15 switches turned on”.

As for having Chromecast devices in the ST app. I found the ST super slow to run and start it only for advanced actions. In normal life, I use either Google or Homekit fast actions.

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