Google Home error: "Sorry, I couldn't reach SmartThings"


Same problem here. It started a few days ago, when Ghome couldn’t control my Q70R TV as it did before.
I always used the turn on and off function by using a voice command, but first I noticed that my good night routine wasn’t working anymore and Ghome was replying back with “sorry, it seems that Samsung tv is not available” or something similar.

What I did:

  1. Renamed the TV in Google home
  2. Unpaired and repaired smartthings
  3. Disconnected both the TV and Ghome from the plug for 15 minutes
  4. Checked HdmiCEC
  5. Reconnected both the TV and Ghome to the wifi
  6. Re synced the Google home
  7. If the TV is on, it can be turned off through Google home, but not back on, and I get the same error. Same thing happens when I try manually in the app with the same error.

None of the scenarios above worked.
The TV can be controlled through the smartthings app normally, but not through Google home.

Also, last night I got the same “sorry, I couldn’t reach smartthings” error.

Thanks for your message. Resyncing didn’t work it said “something went wrong when sinking smart things.”.

Now it’s saying: “Sorry it looks like smart things is unavailable now” when I ask you it turn on lights or do something.

I’ll send you the PM.

Short update as it seems to be working now.

Go to Google home, tap +, tap set up device, tap “have something already set up”, click on smartthings and relink your account.

Afterwards, wait 30 seconds, and tell Google “please sync my devices”

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If what you’re saying is the actual problem, it could be that the hub firmware update that was just released is what changed.

Looks like I got the new firmware update today. See below. That coincides with the Google Home SmartThings control being broken.

Most probably it was a syncing issue after the update between smartthings and Google home. I’ll monitor the behavior and I will reply in a few days.

Funny thing is, that after my hub updated a few days ago, and I already did the process above, but it didn’t work then.

Also, I’m a cloud technical engineer, but work with a different kind of products. I do believe that the synchronization between the two services was interrupted after the update, but that doesn’t explain why it didn’t work the first time I followed the process above. Anyway, glad it’s working now, but I’ll still monitor it a while.

I did above:

Things are working again, though all of my devices are dupilcated - I have them all assigned to rooms in GH, and also a duplicate set of them unassigned to rooms. I’d like to just delete the unassinged devices, that the right approach?

EDIT: My bad, appears I probably don’t have a bunch of duplicates, just a bunch of devices that aren’t assigned to rooms so they initially looked like duplicates. I haven’t gone into GH in a while to review devices so for all I can remember I’m not sure if I ever placed all those devices in a room. Going to spend a little time on this later today to sort this out.

I also fixed my GH issue w/the Wemo switch, which I found was added by both linking to Wemo account and to SmartThings. I removed the Wemo link (which wasn’t working correctly) and now can control it via the SmartThings link in GH, and don’t get two messages from GH every time I tell it to turn the switch on or off (“OK turning it off”, followed by “I can’t reach the switch”).

See Updates to Google integration for more info.

Updated info - I do have dupes. But it looks like just for a few Hue lights.

When I ask GH to turn something on or off, it says “turning two lights on/off.”

@Lars - should the reconnect option remove my dupes?

Absolutely worked for me! Thanks

I am getting the same error when I speak Smarthings instructions to my Google Home Speaker, although things work fine when I speak instructions for my Harmony.
I am able to control devices through the Smarthings applications as well as the Google Home application.
The Smarthings hub is at firmware 000.038.000010.

I would appreciate any and all assistance.

Is anyone else still having this issue? I just bought a Samsung TV, but I cannot connect SmartThings to the Google Home app, and I’d really love to be able to do that. I have never been able to connect the account. I go through the connection process, and then I get the “Could not reach SmartThings. Please try again.” Message. I have tried probably 20 times over a span of a week. Any help would be great. I think I need help from Samsung.

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I’m having this issue for the first time. I’m using a V3.0 hub. I tried re-linking ST to Google and it said connect. ST also indicates the link to goggle is valid. Any ideas?

The way I fixed my issue was by removing the linked service in the Smart Things app. Go to menu (bottom right) → tap the settings gear (top right) → Linked Services

Then remove Google.

Then go back to the Google Home app and re-add your Samsung SmartThings account.

This is not straightforward and a fail on Samsung’s part in my opinion. This behavior should happen automatically when connecting the account in the Google Home app. Following these steps did get mine working though. :smile: I hope this helps!

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Thanks- I troubleshooted this more and realized the issues was only with sonos/google, not google to ST. Some of my Google devices recognized ST, but the Sonos ones did not. I’d already gone through the steps you noted above. I then did the opposite approach and unlinked Google from Sonos and re-linked it. One device (my Move) required re-setting for this to work. After about 30 minutes, things were back to normal.

I’m also having the same problem as the original poster. Google couldn’t reach smartthings so I unlinked and tried to relink, but I get the exact same message as in that screenshot. I took my own screenshot but it is identical. I’ve been getting this error for a week now. It has nothing to do with my hub or my devices because I tried uninstalling both apps, logging into google home from a different account and I get the error before I enter any ST information.

This is very frustrating as it has basically disabled my whole house and there is nothing I can do about it. I’ve found a few posts with similar things but no one has solved it that I’ve found. Any ideas?

I am also having this issue with GH, but it’s with all providers, not just smartthings. The issue also happens on my wife’s phone. Issue happens on my home network and on cellular. No idea what’s blocking things.

I tried the public release and the preview version of Google home with no luck.

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Hi, I have the same problem trying to link to BG Home.

I don’t know if anyone solved the problem in this thread, but if it helps I just had the same issue.

I found that it was caused by a glitch with the last device I added to Smartthings. I don’t know why, but I had to remove it and as soon as I did the connection to Google worked again after I reconnected the account. I then added the device back and all was ok.

If you don’t know what the problem device is I realised it because the Alexa app could control everything on Smartthings except that one device.

Hopefully this helps.

If it happened today, 13th June 2023, the timing of your adding a new device was probably coincidental. It was almost certainly caused by an Internetwide outage involving both Google and Alexa, but variably for different people. See the existing discussion:

Amazon Web Services Outage affecting many integrations 13 June 2023

Thanks. Interesting. Could be. I guess we’ll never know. :rofl:

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