Google hardware event (October 6, 2022)

In addition to other Google hardware announcements - could there be additional Google Nest products announced - Stay tuned! A new Nest Doorbell (wired) and Nest Wifi Pro were posted yesterday.

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no Nest products were announced at the event.

FYI, devices as “starters” (aka triggers) for Google Home routines is rolling out. Interestingly, switch state can trigger a GH routine to start. So from a SmartThings perspective, a normal virtual switch can be used instead of a virtual switch with motion or contact capability.


Wow! That’s a big deal. :sunglasses:

Word was that Amazon didn’t allow switches as triggers because so many of the cheap Wi-Fi switches they sell don’t report state back to Amazon so they didn’t know when they turned on and they didn’t want the customer service headaches.

I wonder if this is going to be limited to specific devices?

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The new Google automations works well with Tuya/SmartLife switches, plugs and lights. I have not tried it with fans.

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From a switch capability perspective, it doesn’t look like it. I’m seeing my AVRs, TVs, cameras (Wyze has on/off), fans, lights, outlets, and switches.

Other new (i think?) starters i’ve seen are locks, volume between, and thermostat mode.

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I meant specific models of switches. Not device classes.

Will there be a specific switch you can turn on and off by voice with Google but that is not available as a trigger?

The classic “gotcha” for Alexa was a switch that could be turned off at the wall without Alexa knowing about the change in state.

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