Google Assistant now working with smartthings on the Pixel and working in other countries than the US (in english)

Lastnight I was made aware by a reddit post that Some Pixels now had the ability to do google home functions like the google home hardware. I checked my settings, and it was there. Im in the UK where google Home is not yet available to buy, but my Pixel XL is now capable of turning my smartthings devices on and off, setting levels and such by voice…

The reports so far say, it works in canada also, It wouldn’t surprise me if this works in Aus. The only thing so far is i think the assistant has to be set to US english for this to appear (may need a reboot not sure)

The new assistant is rolling out on the to all andorid wear watches in the 2.0 update, which may also be compatible even if you dont have a pixel (although im not sure how you would set it up in this assistance. However, I believe google assistant will be rolling out to most phones at some point including older versions of android. so fingers crossed for you none pixel owners.



It will be nice when Assistant rolls out to non-Pixel devices.

I’ve been using Google Home voice commands on my S7 Edge to control my SmartThings via one of the work-arounds posted here, but my wife/son don’t play well w/custom setups so getting the native Google Assistant solution will get them on-board as well. Nice that I don’t have to sprinkle Google Homes around the house, my wife is not fond of “gadgets.” :slight_smile: