Google Assistant announced for all Marshmallow (6.0) devices and above


(Dana ) #1

News to me, and didn’t find a thread on this here. Finally! Now my family can control SmartThings via voice from anywhere w/their phones w/out me having to set up any work-arounds.

(Bobby) #2

This just makes me run to the store and by back the GH I returned a few months ago lool

(Jordon) #3

Yes!!! This makes me so happy!

(Bobby) #4

I am a happy camper this morning! Just got the Assistant on Galaxy S 7 Edge…I can use the Assistant without having Google Home. Nicely done, Google!

Google Assistant Home Control
(Keith) #5

So is anyone running Goggle Assistant from their phone and controlling ST with it? If so, what benefit is it to also have a Google Home device?

I need a new phone and was looking at the LG G6 (currently have the old G3). The G6 comes with Assistant, but they are also running promotion for a free Google Home if you “pre-order” the G6.

(Neal ( / #6

I do, pretty convenient to use in areas of my home that I don’t have a home at. Also very useful when opening/closing the garage as well as controlling lights etc past bedtime.

(Dana ) #7

I use GA on my phone regularly to control things when I’m out of the family room where our GA resides.

Very convenient. I like having both the Google Home and access via Google Assistant, as everyone in the house doesn’t have GA on their phone, and if I’m streaming a radio station or music I prefer to do it on Google Home.