Google Assistant announced for all Marshmallow (6.0) devices and above

News to me, and didn’t find a thread on this here. Finally! Now my family can control SmartThings via voice from anywhere w/their phones w/out me having to set up any work-arounds.


This just makes me run to the store and by back the GH I returned a few months ago lool

Yes!!! This makes me so happy!

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I am a happy camper this morning! Just got the Assistant on Galaxy S 7 Edge…I can use the Assistant without having Google Home. Nicely done, Google!

So is anyone running Goggle Assistant from their phone and controlling ST with it? If so, what benefit is it to also have a Google Home device?

I need a new phone and was looking at the LG G6 (currently have the old G3). The G6 comes with Assistant, but they are also running promotion for a free Google Home if you “pre-order” the G6.

I do, pretty convenient to use in areas of my home that I don’t have a home at. Also very useful when opening/closing the garage as well as controlling lights etc past bedtime.

I use GA on my phone regularly to control things when I’m out of the family room where our GA resides.

Very convenient. I like having both the Google Home and access via Google Assistant, as everyone in the house doesn’t have GA on their phone, and if I’m streaming a radio station or music I prefer to do it on Google Home.