Google Assistant: is there a way to leave some switches out of the “all lights” command?

I haven’t been able to figure out how to set GE/Jasco Z Wave Switches to not respond to the All On All Off parameter.

Basically I have some switches for outdoor lights that are programmed through Webcore to only come on at night. If I tell Google Home Assistant to turn off all the lights, I do not want the outside switches to turn off. So basically I don’t want these switches to respond to ALL ON or ALL OFF.

Can this be accomplished? If so how?


Google assistant is not using the zwave “all on” command, so you can’t do it by changing parameters on the switch. Instead, It’s just sending a request over to smartthings for everything that it has classified as a light. There is unfortunately no way to prevent this from happening if google assistant has classified the device as a light. Because it’s not actually using the Z wave “all on“ commandset at all. It’s just sending an individual instruction to smartthings which is sending an individual instruction to each light in the request.

With the Amazon echo you can get around this by having multiple groups. But google assistant Doesn’t offer this feature. It just groups devices based on the device class.

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Thanks for the explanation.

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I’ve changed your thread title in case there is a workaround specific to Google Assistant so it will get read by people using that.

I know at one point people were able to change how Google grouped their devices by changing the individual device names. So they might change the outside light to just be named ‘backyard” instead of “backyard light,” but I don’t know if that still makes a difference or not. Hopefully someone else will.

You can define which lights/switches are shared with the Google Assitant. There is a toggle to do that and to select individual devices one-by-one. Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply for Scenes and Routines, they are either all shared or none of them.

I would remove those outside lights from the shared device and I would add some specific Scenes for those lights, like a Scene Outside lights on and another off, then you can control them as you wish, but it will be not triggered by the “turn off all the lights”.

By the way, you can define a “Good night” scene, containing all the lights what you want to turn off or adjust brightness, etc. in SmartThings and you can define the “Good night” routine in the Google Assitant app to trigger your “Good night” scene and any other changes what you want, like reduce volume, start the sound of the ocean etc. Then in the night when you go to sleep, you just need to say Ok Google, Good night

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:arrow_up: This is clever. :sunglasses:

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Just expanding on what @GSzabados said, I have my Google assistant integration limited to specific lights and scenes. My outside lights are the only ones I don’t give Google access to, because they are strictly controlled through a webcore piston. Works quite well, and I can tell Google to turn off all lights without worrying that my outside lights will turn off.