Smart light bulb appears as switch to Google Assistant

I have one zigbee bulb and one z-wave bulb (I do not know the models off hand, but can find out and add them if that will affect the answer to my question) in lamps in my bedroom. When I tell Alexa to turn off the bedroom lights, both lights shut off. The bathroom light (a GE z-wave switch) also shuts off. When I try to control these the same way from Google Assistant, only the zigbee bulb responds. Upon further investigation, the zigbee appears as a light and the z-wave appears as a switch in both Alexa and Google. Is there a way to change a switch to a light so that it can be controlled more intuitively? Ideally I would prefer to make the change in ST so that the change is reflected everywhere, but if that can’t be done, can it be changed in Google?

Call it a light in the description/tag.

Interesting. Not the solution I was hoping for (only because I wanted shorter names), but it worked. Any theories as to why I had to do that with one bulb but not the other and not with the z-wave switch? The latter two devices do not have “light” in their name, but they respond when I tell google to “turn on/off the lights.”

Have a look at the device handers capabilities see if there is a difference

Could you please elaborate on exactly where to look and what to look for?

Look at the dh code in the ide and near the beginning there is a capabilities section. Look for light or lighting vers just switch