Block Google Assistant from seeing a dimmer switch as a light?

Hi, I recently updated my Nano Shutters (blinds controllers) to a new firmware, which enables the possibility to be controlled as a dimmer switch.

And now Google sees it as a light, so when I say “turn off all the lights”, the lights turn off and all my blinds close.
I don’t want that to happen. I have many other simulated dimmer switches that are used as variables for WebCoRE pistons and I don’t have that problem with those.

How do I make Google think a device is not a light?


You can do some manipulation of names. For example I have 3 ceiling lights and one table lamp in a room. I want to operate the table lamp separately from the ceiling lights. So I called the ceiling lights Ceiling Light A and Ceiling Light B and so on. So now I can say “turn on the ceiling lights” and it ignores the table lamp.

Yes, I got that, but I want to be able to turn “all the lights” of my home on or off (mostly off) without affecting my blinds. The last time I had this problem I just made sure all the actual lights had “light” on their name and the other dimmers didn’t, and it worked, but now I added 3 devices which don’t have the name “light” and they are seen as lights??

Google really needs to step up their game in home automation… It’s too sad.

Do you need to be able to operate the blinds via Google Assistant? If not you could exclude them and use your Smartthings app to control them. That’s what I do with things I don’t want people to be able to fiddle with too easily. I do understand your frustration though - it’s true Google can be a complete pain in the neck with things like this

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I created a scene called “lights off” in ST and for now I’ll be saying “activate the lights off”… I don’t need to control my blinds from Assitant but I don’t want to limit my options…


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