GA commands for Samsung Cube Air Purifier

Does anyone know where to find the Google Assistant command list for the Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier (model AX300T9080)? I have my SmartThings account linked to the Google Voice Assistant but the only commands that the air purifier responds to are on or off.

I have followed these instructions but the air purifier is not shown

on either device list

The Samsung product page says that this air purifier has “Voice Enabled Control through voice enabled mobile devices such as Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant” but where is the full list of commands?

It only supports on/off at the moment. Is there anything in particular you want to be able to control?

On or off only? I hope you’re joking. Fan speed should be an obvious control option.

Even the Meross wifi air purifier has fan speed control within ST and I’m sure the other air purifier integrations do as well

In the ST app, the air purifier shows 6 options for “Wind Strength” : Sleep, Wind Free, Low, Medium, High, and Auto - none of which are supported by voice assisted commands. I can’t believe that Samsung advertises this appliance as “voice controlled”. I imagine the Bespoke Cube and Bluesky Compact models lack the same basic voice controls.

For comparison, my Frigidaire air conditioner supports 4 fan speeds, 4 cooling modes, specific temperature setting and on/off voice control via Google Assistant.

I will take a look at this, I got hold of a unit to test.


Sounds good, thanks for your help. Maybe an Edge driver for it, too?

Haha! I am the wrong person for that, but voice control is another matter!

Fair enough, I’ll gladly settle for voice control. :+1:

It’s been five months. Do you have a progress update, or completion timeline?