Google Assistant can't "see" all scenes & how do you automate home monitor?

on classic it all worked.
Migrating to new app, scenes that directly managed my home monitor status and lock didn’t migrate. so I removed them.

I managed than to “hack” or use it as intended, not sure… but this is my setup now:
1/ I have a routine, lets c all it "numi’ that
— turns off all lights and
— changes the LOCATION mode to "night (since there is no freaking way to change the monitor status to armed)
— locks the the door smart lock

2/ I have an automation to set home monitor to away when location mode is “night”

It works well if I use SmartThings app to activate “numi”. but asking google assistant to activate numi doesn’t work. when I try to set routine in google assistant and choose from the list of items… the numi routine is not there.

Any tips on why I can’t see it? if I am doing it wrong, how can I enable google assitant to on command:
1/ turn off all lights (easy)
2/ lock the door
3/ arm home monitor (and change the home status to night)

You can’t use locks with Google home. Remove the lock and it should work.

Google will not allow a scene to have a lock in it.

The workaround (which is the same workaround you will use to arm SmartThings Home Monitor) Is to create a virtual switch and include it in the scene. Then separately create an automation which runs when that switch is turned on and have the automation lock the lock (or change the security.mode).

BTW, the new V3 app does not have “routines.” They have been replaced by a combination of “scenes“ and “automations.“ so I assume where you said “routine“ in your first post“ those were actually scenes?

Also, the following community FAQ might be helpful:

FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (New V3 App) (2020)

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