Can’t see my scenes through Google Home

Hi guys,
I’m having trouble activating my smartthings scenes through google home. In fact I’m not even sure where GH is supposed to display the smartthings scenes, it seems that it changed over time. The latest info i found was to create a routine and add an “adjust action” scene, however in there I also cant see anyof my ST scenes.
Besides the scenes the rest works correctly, google is authorised in smartthings and they cam see each other. Any ideas?

I’ve never been able to see my Smartthings (or Hue for that matter) scenes in Google home app, but when I ask Google to activate a scene it works.

I have posted a comment about this recently:

And where they do show up, where in google home is it? Under routines?

See the comment below mine:

What would you guys advice as an alternative? What im trying to do is set up movie time scene that would adjust lighting in multiple rooms (i have an open loft). Should I set up gh routine to mimic the st scene, or set up a st switch?

I use a Scene and activate that, but that works only for the owner of the Google Home, who has added the connection to SmartThings. Any other members of the Google Home cannot see most of the Scenes.

Otherwise some Scenes seems to fail to execute correctly, as reported by many users. Some lights not changing state or the Google Home gives an answer that “Something went wrong with SmartThings”. (Yeah, right, the integration has been bonkered…)

Probably the Google Home Routine is a hood choice, but you might see the same issue as I listed before. And it might be more complicated to set it up.

I ended up creating virtual switches that I control from Google Home, as the scenes did not appear at all. :expressionless:

The only issue I have had with Google Home triggering a scene is if the scene contains a lock command. If you use a lock/unlock command in a scene, Google refuses to use it just as locks do not show up in Google Home. I guess Google sees it as some kind of security issue.