Good simple, inexpensive web cam? (ST integration not needed)

Looking for a basic web cam I could put in my garage, can be wired for power, don’t need any ST integration … it’s mostly as a backup for my somewhat flaky GoControl garage door monitor, so if it tells me the door is up I can verify visually, and verify it closes on command. Motion detection and stored video would be a plus but not required.

Hard to beat the wyze cam fixed position camera for about $25:

Or pay $15 more and get the one that can pan around the room as well.

CNET says the pan model is $30, but it seems to be $39 at most places that have free shipping, and you pay about eight dollars shipping if you buy it from the manufacturer so it’s closer to $40 by the time you have it in your house. Still a very good deal. See the comparison chart in the review article:

Manufacturer page:

There is a limited integration with SmartThings available through the IFTTT service:


Thanks JD this kind of looks perfect. Love the price for certain. At this price it’s a no brainer to get one and see how I like it.

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Just as an FYI…I installed a $10 Visonic window/door sensor on my garage for the same reason. Works well.

Another vote for Wyze. I have 5 of them and have been pleased.

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Got one of those darn inexpensive Wyse cameras as a Christmas gift. Quite impressed with it so far! With it so in expensively priced, it’s worth a try in your use case…,

Yeah I probably should have gone that way but I had bad luck w/a Samsung sensor and I really wanted the ability to control the door through ST as well … the idea of lying in bed at night and being able to check the status and close it if I’d left it open was just too tempting. Silly me.

Follow up, been using the Wyze cam for about a week now, very impressed for the price. Wish you could access it from a web browser and hope they add this soon but for the price I can’t complain much. Quality is decent and it was easy to connect and use.


What do you guys think of the Wyze Pan camera as a baby monitor? Recently moved my 2 year old son into his “big boy” room and my current monitor just isn’t cutting it. The field of view is too narrow and I can only see maybe half of his bed. The night vision also isn’t the best. With the pan features of the Wyze, it might be just what I’m looking for as long as the night vision is sufficient.

I have the fixed view Wyze in both my kids rooms. When mounted up in a corner the field of view is wide enough to see the whole room.

Agreed if you put the fixed cam in the right spot you should have no problem.

Interesting features being rolled out for such an inexpensive camera.

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