Wifi IP Cameras with stable connection? hesitate to try one

i am thinking about to get one wire-free ip camera from Amazon, but i also doubt about the connection, any suggestions?

There are hundreds of WiFi and/or IP Cameras, few of which are compatible with SmartThings.

If you have no experience with such cameras, you may want to try Wyze Cam as they are very inexpensive, easy to set up, and have a great set of features and well-rated reliability relative to price.


thank you very much

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Foscam C2E Full HD 1080P Wireless Security IP Surveillance Camera with Activity Detection Alerts, 115° Wide View Angle Home Baby Pet Camera, Night Vision up to 26ft, APP and Cloud Service Available

Original price:$39.99

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Aug 2, 2018, 1:00AM - Aug 4,2018,24:00PM

I want to avail this deal.

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What is the source of this? Website URL?

I’ve been running the WyzeCam and a Foscam PTZ camera for about a week now.
I have to say the WYZECam is amazing for the money. While there is no integration with ST, there is with IFTTT and i have found that to be working great. I use presence indicator to toggle a virtualSwitch that IFTTT uses to toggle the Motion Alarm on the Wyze.

The Foscam is going to require a deviceHandler from @RBoy to get ST integration which once you have the Foscam setup properly, works nice!

The image quality on Foscam is better, but really only slightly. Where Foscam shines is its audio quality. The Wyze lags and is quite hard to understand voices.

The Wyze has FREE cloud storage for those alarm clips, but you are limited to 12 seconds. I have seen some complaints that the 12secs are so short you often lose the actual event that triggered, but i have yet to have any issues. Foscam gives you 1 year of free cloud, but then you have to pay a yearly fee, or configure an FTP site. I’m not sure if that however gets integrated into the Foscam APP. (that does have the cloud storage for alarms integrated. It is for the integrated free cloud storage, i will most likely return the Foscam and replace with 2 more Wyzecams. I really cant see much use for the Foscam integration into ST when IFTTT can manage turning the motion alarm on/off.

just my two cents…

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Love my Wyze’s. Just put one in my deck for the back yard. $25 camera, $10 sd card, $10 25ft usb cable and some hot glue.


i missed the right time to get one, maybe next time, Foscam seems to be a big brand

but for $20, can you really get a qualified security camera? how about the security for cloud service?

Wyze Labs is outsourcing all of their cloud systems; but have engineers building the custom firmware, and I presume that marketing and support are also in-house.

There is NO logical reason for them to be selling at such a low margin (i.e., when comparable products cost 2x to 10x as much). In theory, they could just be hoping to make it up in large sales volumes, but much more likely, they plan to monetize with recurring revenue for expanded options: cloud storage, longer clips, add-on camera features, security monitoring, etc…

Thus, the low price is to shakeout the bugs and get as much market penetration as possible in order to have a chance at competing against Amazon Cloud Cam and other established brands.