Good Morning automation adds send notification?

I’m rebuilding my automations and I can’t make “Good Morning” automation without app automatically adding send notification about disarming system.
I’m running good morning automation early morning and do not want it to send notifications to wake people up. I’m also using Good Night automation and that can be build without send notification box.

I also tried to remove send notification line but it adds itself automatically again. I removed automations and tried to build it again but it always ends to same problem. I logged out from application and back in, did not help.

1 picture: Good morning automation shows that there is no send notification, just security mode and location mode changes.

  1. picture shows that “send notification”. It also says in the end that “all members of koti”. That is some weird old shit because if adding new send notification to automation it automatically sends it to everyone and it won’t be mentioned under the notification text.

  1. picture. I remove that push notification box… and then press save.

  1. picture would be same picture and picture 1 and then 2. I can’t get rid of that annoying message which wakes us up. Like I said… if I’m creating automation again it automatically adds send notification line… why…?

Any ideas what to try?

This happens to me as well and it is annoying.

So, I’m using a virtual switch in all my various Disarm Automations that will just turn Off the virtual switch. Then I only have one Automation that If the virtual switch is Off, Then Disarm the STHM with the notification obviously. However, that requires that in all my Automations which enable the STHM in either Away or Stay mode must turn On this virtual switch.

There is a plus side to using a virtual switch because it then exposes the STHM to the voice command assistants since I have Automations that If the virtual switch is turned On, and I’m in either Home or Away, Then it sets the STHM to either Stay or Away mode accordingly.

I have thought about using virtual switch too but it would be totally fine just use it without. This is really…like you said…annoying. :frowning:

adding teh notification is a compromise they made when allowing automations to arm/and disarm (previously it was manual only). With that said, iOS doesn’t do it this way. When you initially add the STHM action, it adds the notification. But once you delete it, it stays deleted unless you totally remove the STHM action and add it back.

So did I got it right…it is android app bug that we are talking about?

I find that, on Android, the notification is added whenever you edit an automation that disarms the Security System.

I do find when I go to delete the notification it will be removed and reappear at the bottom of the actions list, but if it is already at the bottom of the list, or I try again, it is successfully deleted and after I save the Automation I do not get the notifications.

Next time I edit the Automation it will appear again, and I have to delete it again and so on.

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So yet another sloppy Android vs iOS UI discrepency :smirk:

Ok…I’m going to test what you just said. Now it basically shouldn’t sent notification 3.00am even though “send notification” is still there (kind of)

It works. So definitely a bug because it always adds send notification if automation is opened. If deleted and not opened anymore notifications are not sent.