EcoLink Motion detector

I’m reading about this sensor and comparing it to the Monoprice “white box” motion detector. The monoprice is claimed to be a reboxed EcoLink but no where do I see temperature information on the EcoLink as I do the monoprice. I really want temp sensing to start an attic fan and need motion as well and I’m drawn to the EcoLink as it has native ST support. I could do the Aeon multi but it has functions I do not need so why pay the extra.

Does the EcoLink have temperature or should I just go with the monoprice and use the device type I found in the forum?

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why not the SmartThings motion sensor?!/products/smartsense-motion-sensor

Probably because the ST motion sensor is ~50% more expensive.

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Exactly. Sometimes you get what you pay for and I’m ok with spending more but is it necessary? If I was going to spend $50 on a sensor it would be the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor off amazon.

Also that sensor is ZigBee and I don’t need anything else using 2.4Ghz in the house.

Even do the Monoprice one seems to be a rebranded Ecolink the test jumper function on it does not work like the Ecolink so probably there are some non cosmetic differences

I have the same issue – I have both the EcoLink motion sensor and the Monoprice motion sensor.

The EcoLink one doesn’t show the temperature – according to the Amazon description “In addition to sensing motion, light and temperature, the 3-in1 Sensor also monitors its own battery”.

I don’t see the light and temperature data coming through in SmartThings though – has anyone got this to work? I may just return it and get the Monoprice one.

Ok I have both. My ecolink motion sensor doesn’t display temperature but my monoprice one does.

They both report 100% battery.

Anyone else have the right device types for these?

@thrash99er can you please check your device type in your Smartthings IDE for your monoprice and your ecolink. Are using the same device types (my ecolink uses a Z-Wave motion sensor, is the same one used by mono price?) if not I’ll see if I can port the changes from the monoprice device type to the standard so it can support temp also.

I’m using the Z-wave motion sensor for my Ecolink, and the Monoprice Motion Sensor device type for my Monoprice.

I’m using @florianz device type for my monoprice.

I just don’t think that the Ecolink motion sensors have temperature sensors in them.

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