Gogogate 2 ST Integration

I have really wanted the ability to open and close my driveway gate remotely, especially when I am out of town on weekends. The thing is, my opener (Liftmaster LA400) is JUST old enough to not be MyQ compatible, and would need to buy a whole new system to get MyQ. Well, there is a new(er) option, the Gogogate 2, that is compatible with that gate, and a bargain compared to any other feasible option. It will be coming in within the next week and I had not seen any discussion on if anyone had coding to pull this in (like with the MyQ, copyninja). Is anyone looking into this?

I used to have the original gogogate and returned it because it lacked any integration and spotty wifi. Hopefully someone on here has one and can build a solution for you. I was lucky enough to have a newer garage door system and was able to buy MyQ.

Anyone have this same situation?

Gogo gate 2 works great

For those that wish to get the device it’s located at the link below. I find that it is a more complete package but it could be smarter with integrations. IFTTT is supported and so maybe via that route, ST automations can be utilized.

Integration with IFTTT is output only. There are no triggers available, so door monitoring is not available. Also, for over a week I could not get in touch with anybody there, neither sales or tech support. As separate system is good though.
Edit: Just got this email:

Answer from Software Team:

“IFTTT triggers” will not be available for this year.

Best Regards, Gogogate Support Team

I’m using Gogogate2 with the DO app by IFTTT. I’ve added an iPhone widget to open and close the garage door. Although it takes a few seconds before my garage door responds.

The setup works, but its pretty slow compared to any other local automation process times. Thats always the case with IFTTT. Home automation should be local as much as possible as this speeds up event process time and you get to avoid living through few seconds of lag.

Gogo gate either need to build geofencing into their app or an integration into ST… ifttt is pointless when I am on my bike in the rain waiting for the garage to open…

I’m realizing now that I made a mistake when I purchased Gogogate 2 . My smartthings control pretty much all of my home automation and I wish if I could have my Gogogate 2 connected with the smart things . Know I’m thinking about buying gocontrol garage door opener because Gogogate 2 would not have any triggers nor does it have any smart home integrations. This is a frustrating . I wasted money on Gogogate 2 without even thinking thoroughly.

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It has some control through IFTTT. What It doesn’t have is the tilt sensors.

It has actions but it lacks triggers in IFFT. For example when garage door
opens it can’t trigger the driveway light on.

I use opengarage now… it has built in component in Home Assistant… In fact I have completely ditched my Smarthings all together as it was too limiting and flaky… have a look here

OpenGarage: https://opengarage.io/

Home Assistant: https://home-assistant.io/