Gogogate 2 intergration?

Has anyone figured out how to integrate a gogogate2 to the ST hub. I couldn’t find a topic on this. The controller (Wi-Fi) will open 3 different doors and has a tilt sensor (2.4 Ghz) on each door. Their app also has / records cameras that have an IP address. The controller isn’t locked to a cloud and still works if I don’t have internet (as long as I’m local). Locally I can any webbrowser and just type in the local IP and control it. I would like to use it for some of the IFTTT things. I seen where someone posted a similar question and someone posted

“You will need to write your own device handler and maybe a SmartApp. You will also need to have their API, assuming it’s open for developers to use”

Has this been done?

I too bought a Gogogate2 and ran in to the lack of Smartthings support. I have been able to track down an API for it. The API is Python based. But it seems to provide everything needed. It can iterate through all the devices, determine open/closed status and trigger the door(s) to open and close. So the trick is to port this over to Smartthings Groovy-based environment. Unfortunately there appears to be a glaring stumbling block. AES encryption. Packets to the Gogogate2 need to be AES encrypted, however according to what I’ve been able to read Smartthings hasn’t included the requisite libraries on the platform. So I’m going to attempt to port over the AES code to Groovy and get Gogogate2 functionality working. Wish me luck.

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Please let us know if you get this working Mike. I just installed the Gogogate2 as well but can’t get the tilt sensors integrated properly into SmartThings. Only open/close controlled via IFTTT. Best of luck!

It looks like the API approach may be more trouble than it’s worth. I’ve shifted to screen-scraping the web UI. That appears to be a lot easier to implement. It does come with the slight risk that they might update the UI and break my code, but I haven’t seen much from the company that suggests they do this with any frequency (if at all).

How did you get the controller to intergrate to ST?

Gogogate 2 has a new version, ISMARTGATE, has a new hardware and software design. In addition, it is compatible with Apple Homekit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

So when you say they have “new hardware” does that mean the GoGoGate2 controller wont work? Looking at their website, looks like ISMARTGATE bought the gogogate2 but in the advertising for the gogogate2 it doesn’t mention anything about integrations however their newest controller called the ISMARTGATE PRO says it right in the first line… but it’s a completely different device.