Gogogate2 ST integration?

Is it possible to hook up my ST setup to gogogate2?
I have it hooked up to Home Assistant and it works but I just want to open up my gates from my Galaxy watch and ST.
I know it is possible to trick ST to talk to the likes of Meross plugs (which are not officially supported) but IFTTT can combine the two.
Haven’t found an ST/gogogate2 IFTTT recipe though. Any ideas?

I wonder if you found an answer to gogogate integration?

Since this was written, gogogate, now called ismartgate, has added its own IFTTT service so you can use that.

However, I FTTT has changed its business model, so it is now free only for the first three applets. That might be enough if all you need is the iSmartGate Integration.

Thanks, I added the ifttt link with a virtual switch. Switch on door open switch off door closed. Works well!
Thanks again.

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